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Supporting Catholic Religious, Charitable, and Educational Institutions in Texas Since 1947


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From the President

The photo above shows the Scanlan Fountain in Sam Houston Park. Not far away, the Scanlan Building is located at 405 Main Street in downtown Houston. In addition to leaving behind tangibles of the past, the Scanlan Family continues its legacy of giving through the Scanlan Foundation, which was founded in 1947. The Scanlan Family traces its Houston roots back to 1852. Its family patriarch, former Mayor of Houston, Timothy Thomas Howe Scanlan raised his daughters to give their all to the community and especially the Church. From the founding of the Art Museum to the beginnings of charitable initiatives like the Catholic Women’s Club, the Scanlans worked alongside the better-known names of history, such as William Marsh Rice and Captain James Baker, to promote the welfare of Houston in its infancy. As their final gift to their beloved State of Texas, the remaining daughters willed their estate to form the Scanlan Foundation, which serves Catholic religious, charitable and educational institutions in Texas.

Larry W. Massey, Jr.

“…a remarkable group of valiant women.
This is a family that reflected genius, and industry, and thrift.”


Most Rev. C. E. Byrne, Bishop of Galveston

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